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What's your community looking like?

As I recall Michelle Obama's podcast episode "Across Generations: Michelle Obama and Her Mentees", one of the parts that resonated most with me was the discussion on the importance of building community/sisterhoods. Michelle's mentees shared their journey on how they built a community amongst themselves during their time at the White House. It was a good listen - I highly recommend!

Building community vs self-reliance are very interesting dynamics to think about. Does building community mean that you are relinquishing your independence or ability to do it on your own. I personally don't think so. I may have the will to do "it" on my own but when I have a support system/community, the task or whatever it may be seems less difficult to overcome. I can fix my own crown but I don't mind an assist sometimes.

What I have learned over the years, is that to be a strong, independent woman takes on different forms over time. I also learned that just because you're in a relationship, does not mean that you have to suppress those characteristics but instead, it can mean that you become more welcoming to some level of support.

Have you been tapping into others and building communities? During these times, my hope is that everyone has at least one person you can tell, "Girl, I need your help".

Remember, that your community is only as strong as what you allow it to be and what you pour in! Tee


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