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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Now that Christmas is over, I find myself taking a sigh of relief. I enjoy the holiday for the intentions but I find myself overwhelmed for most of the season trying to figure out my gift list and making travelling arrangements to go home to Chicago which turns into house hopping the entire trip. This year, we opted for greeting cards for the 1st time ever, staying in Columbus due to COVID and cooking a small, untraditional meal. Keeping it simple this Christmas is what was needed to enjoy the close of this year, rest up a bit, and plan for the next year. Reflecting on this year and the harsh challenges many have had, has brought me to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) mentality and I kind of liked it.

How did you celebrate this Christmas? Did COVID kind of reduce the usual Christmas time stress of planning a big dinner, travelling, etc.? Its ok to admit if it did. Either way, I hope your Christmas was filled with joy, love and laughter and that you have a prosperous new year!

Be blessed and a blessing to others.


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  • Thanks for the ideas for next year! I certainly took a sigh of relief and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. KISS sounds right up my alley!


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