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See ya and don't want to be ya

Dear 2020, Who would have thought that back in January as we were celebrating the new year, we would shortly be faced with a global pandemic. Not only a pandemic, but racial injustice coming to a tipping point.

Yes, you brought on many hits to our normal way of life and shattered our vacation hopes and dreams. But, you also spotlighted the social injustices experienced in this country for decades and gave us hope for change. You allowed us to experience milestones with our children that we otherwise may not have with a regular school year. And you brought us the first Black, female Vice President of the United States of America!
We still have a little over a month left and I have promised myself to make the best of it. Regardless of how things have gone so far, I still appreciate the highs and lows and will push strong until the end.
To 2020, see ya and wouldn't want to be ya! Tee

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