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I'm Enough

My daughter has already found a love for reading, a love that I've never known, but I've made it a goal to read to her at least every night before bedtime since she was born. Her thing is to point to the book she wants to read and well sometimes, it turns into a game where she turns down every book you pull off the shelf. But last week, she pointed to a particular book and said "I'm Enough". "I Am Enough" by Grace Byers has been her favorite book for the last few weeks and when her little  self said those words, I just about bawled my eyes out but instead said, "Yes Baby you are enough".

Teaching them while they are young that they have the whole world in their hands can grow and nurture confidence that makes them unstoppable, fearless and the next leaders of the world. Hell, making sure, as adults, we know that we are enough despite of negativity that we may face.

Just a reminder that you are enough! I am enough!



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